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Snaptriv S2:S111 (7)

This is a unique puzzle, here, you must use all the letters you see in this image & give us Five words from it. Understand that you MUST NOT repeat a letter that has already been used to create another word.

Snaptriv S2:S111 (6)

The largest archaeological pyramid site in the New World is found in what country?

Snaptriv S2:S111 (5)

What is the World’s most visited Museum and where is it located?

Snaptriv S2:S111 (4)

In the first novel in the Hannibal Lecter series, what creature is featured?

When was it first published?

Snaptriv S2:S111 (3)

Bellini – A famous Italian cocktail is made up of what major ingredient?

Snaptriv S2:S111 (2)

There’s a national treasure in this country whose form is an animal. What animal is this?

Snaptriv S2:S111 (1)

These eggs are a symbol of a certain holiday, what day is this?

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